Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control Provides 24/7 Emergency Bat Removal Throughout the North Central Texas Community

Flying pipistrelle bat (Pipistrellus pipistrellus) action shot seen from side on wooden attic of house with bright background

We provide services for bats in the attic, crawlspace, chimney, and anywhere in the home. Bats are a nuisance animal that needs to be removed from your home but at Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control, we believe in doing so humanely. We control bats with the usage of one way doors and bat exclusions. Bats commonly invade attics, crawlspaces, walls, and sheds in order to colonize in and raise their young. It is very important to begin bat removal and control as soon as bats are discovered. That’s because the longer the bats stay, the longer they will continue to come back and put the homes’ occupants at risk of being bitten. This is alarming because bat bites are the main cause of rabies in humans. They are also more than likely responsible for spreading COVID-19. Bats can also quickly contaminate an area and in the right conditions, a fungus dangerous to humans may start to grow in the guano (bat droppings).


It’s important to note, bat removal and bat control should only be attempted by professionals trained to remove bats safely. Trying to capture a bat is potentially dangerous and can easily result in a bite. Wildlife professionals understand the danger presented by bats and have the training and the tools to safely handle them. Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control is your local wildlife professional that can get rid of your bat in a manner that does no harm to humans or the bats.