Bee Removal & Control

With over 22 years of expertise in assisting consumers in bee removal and control, we are local bee removal specialists. We recognize that every bee event is an emergency, therefore we respond quickly. We do thorough inspections, bee swarm removal, and full honey bee hive removal.

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    Bee Removal & Control

    You should not try to get rid of bees, wasps, or hornets by yourself. The do-it-yourself bee/wasp eradication enthusiast is doomed to fail without the right training and equipment, including a bee suit. We are local beekeepers and bee removal and control specialists with years of expertise assisting consumers.



    “If you have a bee issue contact DFW wildlife. They performed an incredible job properly extracting the honey bees, securing the area to prevent them from returning, and transporting the bees to beekeepers. He was always punctual, courteous, and professional.”
    Logan W.

    “Extremely prompt and professional! DFW Wildlife performed an excellent job removing the hives in our backyard. He highlighted all that had been accomplished once he departed. I would without a doubt suggest this service to anybody in need of bee removal.”
    Teresa P.

    “DFW Wildlife provided same-day service and was the greatest; they removed the exposed bee hive from our tree and cleaned up the area. We heartily recommend this business. I’m quite appreciative of the prompt response, expertise, and professionalism. Thank you for your service!”
    Lisa C.

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