Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control Provides 24/7 Emergency Bee Removal Throughout the North Central Texas Community

Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control can provide safe and humane bee removal services throughout Arlington, Fort Worth, and Dallas, TX. Our team places a premium on delivering live bee removal, as our mission statement has an emphasis on the preservation of bees. We’re also prepared to provide live removal of yellow jackets, wasps, and hornets all over the Dallas Fort Worth area.

If you see a honey bee swarm or have found a colony on your property, contact our team and we will determine whether they are actually honey bees or another kind of stinging insect. For example, you may have yellow jackets, wasps, or other types of bees. Whatever the case, Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control will remove them and even do cut-outs when necessary. Services also include swarm and hive removal from buildings, trees, and other structures. Our team makes every effort to safely relocate the bees with minimal stress and expense.

The team at Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control appreciates DIY projects as much as anyone else, but a word of warning: Bee removal should be handled by trained professionals with a proven track record. Consider: by trying to handle the job yourself, you risk getting stung or the bees may die in the process of being removed. Plus, you risk property damage (holes in the ceiling, siding, or roof have been known to occur). Beehives and swarms are typically found high in a tree, behind siding, tucked away in an attic, or in other hard-to-reach areas that could leave you injured if you try to remove them yourself. Don’t risk the pain. Charges are based on the method required. Swarm removal, or relocating a mass of bees that haven’t built a hive yet, is the simplest and cheapest. With over two decades of experience, Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control has seen it all. Our effective and humane bee removal services ensure the process is as seamless and affordable as any in the Dallas Fort Worth area.