Dead Animal Removal

Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control are experts at finding and removing dead animals, and we get rid of the stench for you as well. Our dead animal removal services include:

  • Remove Dead Animal Inside Attic 
  • Cut Dead Animals Out of Walls 
  • Remove Rats that Have Died Due to Poison 
  • Remove Dead Critter Under Deck or Shed 
  • Remove Any Dead Carcass on Property 
  • Deodorizing Services 

Believe it or not, it’s often very tricky to find and remove the deceased critter. It might have died in some hard-to-reach corner of the attic, under the insulation, or down inside a wall somewhere. We’ve been to many homes and buildings where people have tried for days, and have called out other, less experienced companies to search for the dead critter. Time and again, the Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control team are the only ones who can effectively find and remove it. 

If you have an unexplained stink or a foul odor in your home, there’s a good chance that it’s a decaying wildlife carcass. Rats die inside homes all the time, as do squirrels, raccoons, opossums. Animals also die under porches or sheds. We sniff out the animal and do whatever it takes to remove it. We get rid of dead animal smells and dead animal odors by using specialized tools, including video search scopes behind walls. When describing the smell of a dead animal, customers are reminded of sewer gas, bad cheese, moldy odor, barn-like smell, meat that has gone bad (which it is), smell of burning rubber, etc. The thought of removing a dead animal may be upsetting, but take Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control’s word for it: it can be done quickly and efficiently, and our team ensures the whole process is stress-free.