Rodents and mice can pose serious health risks to you and family. Did you know rodents carry many disease-causing pathogens?

Do you hear scratching noises and squeaking in your crawl space, wall, and attic? Do you find animal droppings, chewed foods, gnawed furniture, wire, and other appliances in your home?

If so, you likely have a rodent problem in your home. Do not despair—you are not alone facing the issue! We can help, but first a word about the problem homeowners face when rats find their way into the equation. We Provide Expert Rat Removal for All Situations.

Rats are one of the most pervasive and destructive pests in the U.S. Rat infestation is a major problem here in the U.S., with more than 20 million rodents invading homes every year. The problem is especially acute in coastal states, though Chicago is the worst-affected city.

Dallas is among the worst rat infested areas of the country. Good news is, Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control will send those unwanted guests packing—and make sure they stay that way. Equipped with numerous proven techniques and years of invaluable experience, we’ll rid you of your mice and rodent problem once and for all.

Why do you need to control and remove rodents?

Presence of rats in the house can be a great nuisance to you and your family members. Then again, they can be a lot worse than a nuisance. For one thing, they eat stored harvest and thereby contaminate your foods with their droppings. This can give rise to serious ongoing problems, as you can imagine. A rat can eat 227 g of feed per week, but it can cause colossal food waste due to contamination.


Rats are at the epicenter of many, many diseases—salmonellosis, leptospirosis, and murine typhus, among others. These are the main diseases directly transmitted by rodents to human beings after coming into contact with them.

In addition to that—rats are thought to be the source of swine dysentery, brucellosis, sarcoptic mange, and tuberculosis that affect your livestock and pets at home. Use rodent removal techniques to protect your family and livestock from spreading the rat’s pathogenic diseases.


Rats have the habit of gnawing furniture, wooden walls, wires, pipes, and other appliances found in your home. Numerous accidents have even been credited to rats and their destructive nature. Rats have been known to create fires and flooding due to the pipe damage they cause.


Take essential steps to prevent their growth and remove them immediately from your home.

Top methods to remove rodents

If you want to remove rodents from your home, there are some essential facts for you to bear in mind.


Rodents mate once every three months. Imagine the breeding capability of a single rat in a year’s time. Frequent breeding leads to a massive multiplication of the population and the ability to wreak havoc on your home.

Inspect your house to find out the location of the rats and, in turn, place bait or traps, and remember that rodents live and grow where there is enough food and shelter. It may be in a store, burrowing, attic, walls, and other places.

Decide the most suitable method for quick removal of rodents from your home—and act fast.


The exclusion method is a process that prevents the entry of pests into your home by modifying the structure. The method includes sealing the entrance of your home or structure—permanently.

Before using this technique, you need to find out the entry points as well as the habits and abilities of rats and mice. This is easier said than done because rodents can run along and climb ropes, cables, vines, trees, and electrical wires.


 Trapping is another indispensable method of reducing the population of rodents around your property. Rats love to explore their surroundings and notice changes. They’re suspicious by nature. They are also cautious, but you can catch them by offering certain foods and placing traps in the right places.


Another common practice in getting rid of rats is using rodenticide. However, be aware, the poisoning of rats and mice may pose significant risks to your pets and children as well. The task calls for precision and expertise. Too often a family cat finds its way to the poison, eats it, develops severe health problems, and ultimately dies. These sad outcomes are entirely preventable.

Rats may cause serious damage to your property, leaving you and family with lingering health issues. The pest control experts use Rat and Rodent Removal in Fort Worth and Dallas for a permanent solution to this problem.

Facing rats infestation in your home?

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