Wild animals in your home are never ideal. They can cause severe home damage as well as spreading bacteria and disease that can cause illness and even death. Through tearing holes in roof materials and soffit boards, animals can gain entry into your home where they continue to tear into materials, leave feces and urine, and chew wires and electrical relays. Practicing animal-friendly habits can help circumvent the problem before you need animal removal.We Never Use No-Kill Methods.

We Practice Humane Animal Trapping and Removal Techniques.

How Can I Keep Animals Out of My Home?

In some cases, such as country living or in new subdivisions, wild animals may be all around your property. However, there are ways to help keep animals from moving in on your territory. Practicing these habits can help keep your home animal-free.

Keep Food Put Away
Keeping your food put in airtight containers and ensuring that your dishes are always clean is the biggest step to keeping animals away from your home. If there is no food readily available, most animals will move on fairly quickly.

Ensure You Have No Standing Water
Animals need water to live just like we do, and some will travel for miles to find it. By keeping standing water out of your home and off of your property, you create an unfavorable environment that most wild animals will pass up.

Complete Home Repairs Regularly
If an animal can find a way into your home, they will stay. Animals tend to like the warm hiding places of attics and can live inside for weeks before some homeowners notice. Keeping your roof and outer materials in good condition can help protect against easy access points.


Eliminating the reasons that animals enter the home can help to circumvent any long-term visitors. However, if you do find evidence of an animal in your home, don’t try to catch or handle it. Call a Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control professional at (817) 606-7607 or (972) 954-9244 to 

l and relocate it to a safer area. We provide quick, affordable animal removal for your home so you never have to worry about yo9ur family’s safety against unwelcome visitors.