It isn’t uncommon for critters to take up residence in your home. There’s no easy way to get rid of these unwanted guests. Sometimes this wildlife will die inside the building, leaving behind a carcass that needs to be removed. This can create an uncomfortable living environment, and raise many concerns over health risks. It is wise to call a professional to remove the carcass as soon as the dead animal is discovered so that it does not begin to decompose in your home and stink.

All Dead Animals Can Carry Diseases That Are Harmful to Your Family

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Has An Animal Entered My Home?

There are some telltale signs an animal has died inside your home, even if you can’t see it. Do you smell a terrible odor coming from somewhere inside the house? Perhaps there is an excessive amount of flies swarming. You may even see stains on your wall or ceiling.

Large animals will usually create a stronger stench than small animals since they have more body mass. However, different animals also have different odors while decaying. For example, a rat has a particularly offensive smell for their small size. When the carcass first starts to decompose, the scent may not be that bad. Over time, the smell will grow stronger. In North Texas, a major factor to consider is temperature. The hotter the temperature, the smellier the odor. Cold temperatures can delay decomposition, while high temperatures will make a dead animal decompose more quickly.


Removing a dead animal from your home can be simple if it is in plain sight. However, removing a dead animal from a hard to reach area can be a difficult, and messy job. Animals can end up trapped in areas like ductwork, ceilings, between walls and floors, even small gaps in the structure of your home. It is very common to find an animal living or even a dead animal in the attic. If an animal dies in your attic, most of the smell will accumulate in the house. Removing a dead animal from the attic can be very tricky. The critter may have died somewhere not easily accessible or buried in insulation. It can also be difficult to narrow down where the stench is coming from.

Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife provides dead animal removal and humane live animal control to Dallas, Fort Worth, and the surrounding Texas areas. Our clean up and attic decontamination crew will dispose of any hazardous waste and sterilize your attic with a safe and non-toxic cleaning product. We can also rodent proof your home by finding out how they get in and sealing it off so the critters can’t get back inside.

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