Squirrel Removal

Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control Provides 24/7 Emergency Squirrel Removal Throughout the North Central Texas Community

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Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control knows how to get rid of squirrels in your attic in a safe and humane manner. It isn’t uncommon to find squirrels in the attic, squirrels in the chimney, and squirrels in your crawlspace and while they may be fun to watch from afar, they cause major issues to homeowners when they find a way inside. Squirrels can even damage your roof as they look to find a way into your home. Let Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control take care of your squirrel problem by trapping squirrels and performing squirrel exclusion. 

One of the problems that homeowners face after squirrels have been effectively removed from their residence is attic damage. They may be cute but the fact remains, squirrels contaminate insulation with their feces. In addition, this buildup of feces will attract insects and damage the insulation. We provide complete attic cleanup and insulation replacement.

Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control like DIYers as much as the next guy but the fact is, squirrel control and removal should only be attempted by professionals who understand the habits and biology of squirrels. For example, squirrels will often use an attic to have their young and many do-it-yourselfers will rid themselves of an adult squirrel, thinking that the problem has been solved. It soon becomes clear that there were baby squirrels left behind. It may surprise you to hear that squirrels can sometimes become aggressive. There are two common scenarios in which a squirrel will become aggressive toward people. The most common instance is when a squirrel feels threatened. This is especially true in the case of a mother squirrel protecting her young. The second example is when a squirrel is used to being fed by humans and the feeding suddenly stops. At Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control, we’re able to provide fast, efficient, and humane solutions so that you get back to enjoying squirrels from afar, back in their natural habitat.