Happening upon a rat in your home or on your property can be a revolting and shocking encounter, although it is a relatively the common one, particularly here in urban North Texas. Don’t forget—a rat only requires a dime-sized hole to enter your home or shop. If you can fit a pen into a hole, there’s no reason a rodent can’t fit through as well.

You Are Not Alone

Rats, mice, and other rodents cause millions in damage every year and they put plenty of people on edge while they’re doing so. This is entirely understandable. Rats can create health hazards when they contaminate food and die inside the home. They’re even known to be the carriers of countless diseases. As though that weren’t bad enough, they also carry other pests, such as ticks, lice, and fleas.

A common misconception is that rodent infestation is exclusively a winter issue. Remember, rats and other animals need food and shelter in warmer weathers too. The unfortunate truth is that mice and rats are year-round pests: all these creatures need to take up residence is a little incentive, such as food, water, and warmth.

And yet, rodents make horrible houseguests—regardless of the time of year!

Here’s where Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control comes in, with services that have become increasingly vital to keeping you safe and healthy.

Now—here are five natural ways to keep rodents out of your home!


Your first task is to conduct a careful inspection of your home to ensure that mice have no way to get inside. Check your home for gaps and cracks, especially holes near decks, porches, AC units and where utilities enter the building. Naturally, living spaces with crawl spaces are more vulnerable to rodent and Rat Infestations.


• Vents fans

• Porch Roof

• Crawlspaces

• Whole-House Fan

• Wiring and Plumbing Utilities

• Rim Joists

• Garage Door, Walls, and Windows

• Foundation

• Sill Plate

• Window and Doors


Home Damage Made by Animals Can be Severe and Costly.

• Foam, caulk and weatherstrip the air sealing trouble spots mentioned above.

• For the gaps and cracks of smaller than ¼ inch, you can use weather-resistant caulk. Use expandable spray foam for the larger cracks.

• Inspect attic insulation for water-damaged and dirty spots.

• Make sure that your dryer vent is unblocked.

• Reach a professional to seal all entry and exit points.

Sometimes, rodents chew through the gasket to get indoors. If they are eating through the bottom corners of your garage doors, you can install a piece of metal to block entry. If you are not a professional, doing these things successfully can be difficult. You’re better off opting for Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control. Our services include a thorough and complete identification of your pest problems.


Rodent and other pests use tree branches as a bridge to enter your home. Hence, you need to trim any tree branches that touch your roof or siding. It’s always a good idea to make sure no plants or branches are within six inches of your residence.

Experts involved in Rodent Control for Fort Worth suggest keeping or planting new shrubs, bushes or large plants at least three feet away from the foundation.


In case you have a leak, repair it. Make sure your outdoor area is free from any appliances, old tires, boxes, garbage, and anything else where vermin and rodents can hide. Keep your property maintained.


It only takes a small amount of accessible food to sustain a rodent. A small water leak—a few drops even—is sufficient to satisfy their water needs.

You may dislike cleaning, but spending 15 to 20 minutes every day can help you Eradicate Rats in Dallas and keep your home pest-free. The best thing is to develop a habit of cleaning messes as they occur rather than letting them pile up, as this attract pests in the process.

Bear in mind, rodents can chew through a box of cereal. So it is that we recommend storing food in mouse-proof containers.

Also, make sure that bird feeders are inaccessible to rodents and all trash cans have tight-fitted lids. The last thing you want during your dinner is a mouse scurrying around the house. Use these tips or Dallas Forth Worth Wildlife Control’s services to keep your home free of rodents.

Contact us to help you fix all your home’s opening and points of entry!

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