These Pests Are Able to Quickly Cause Costly Damage to Your Home.

Summer is here, and along with the warm temperatures, and fun, summer also brings out the pests. Most people start seeing pests more between the months of April and June. Here are some home-invading pests to look out for this summer. We specialize in Animal Trapping, Animal Relocation, Attic Decontamination, Dead Animal Removal, and removal of the following species of animals: Bees, Beaver, Armadillo, Bats, Birds, Coyotes, Squirrel, Possum, Raccoon, Rats, Skunks, Hogs, Moles, and Snakes. Call now for immediate service. Email us with any questions, or feedback.

We Can Help Prevent These Pests From Making Your Home Their Home.


Raccoons may look cute, but they don’t make the best house guests. They can cause some serious damage to your home. Raccoons are very strong animals capable of tearing a hole directly through a wall or roof. A raccoon determined to find shelter will cause some a lot of damage to find it. A raccoon who has decided to take up residence in your attic can destroy air ducts, rip apart insulation on pipes and walls, and chew through wires. However, the most serious problem is poop. Raccoons will poop everywhere, contaminating your attic, creating a dangerous bio-hazard. If you have a raccoon in your attic, it is recommended to contact a wildlife removal specialist as soon as possible.


Many people are terrified of snakes. Stumbling onto a snake near your home or in your garden can be quite an unwanted surprise. Knowing you have a snake problem on your property can make you afraid to enjoy your yard, or even relax inside. Although most snakes are non-venomous, many can be very dangerous and even deadly! If you have other pests such as mice living near your home it is more likely you will find snakes. Snakes like to feed on these small critters. Always call a professional to help eliminate a snake problem before wasting money on things like over the counter snake repellents or traps.


Some of the most common and unhealthy pests in the United States are rats and mice. Traveling through your home, in search of food and shelter, rats and mice leave behind feces and urine that can spread disease. It is not wise to ignore these critters if you find evidence of them in or around your home. They also eat food packaging, chew through wiring, damage wood, and destroy furnishings. Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control uses humane live removal and relocation techniques instead of inhumane snap traps or bait. Pesticides can leave the pests to die in your walls or hard to reach places. Contact a pest control professional to help stop any infestations of rodents.


A colony of bees can construct a hive in a matter of days. Hives can often be found in trees, bushes, and even underground. When allowed into a home through an open window, a bee colony can construct a hive in a wall or other hard-to-reach area. One of these hives can contain tens of thousands of bees. Bee removal can be very dangerous, and improper removal of the hive can lead to further pest infestations. Before attempting to remove a beehive, please, contact an experienced professional who can get the job done safely and efficiently.


Squirrels Cause Damage When Tearing Material for Entrance.

Squirrels can be very destructive to your home. They can bite holes in siding, take up residence in your attic, and damage trees. Squirrels are even suspected of causing up to twenty-five percent of all unexplainable house fires. Damage to your siding or roof, and sounds like footsteps or scratching in the attic can indicate that some squirrel may have started a family in your home. Contact a wildlife removal expert that can humanely remove the animals. Using processes like exclusion, and one-way doors are among the most effective methods of squirrel removal.

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