Garter Snake in the Grass

Snake Removal

When you have a lush garden or well-moistened landscape you may find yourself seeing a slithering stripe making it’s way around. Typically snakes that frequent homes are of the garter variety which is identifiable as snakes with slim bodies and long stripes. These snakes aren’t venomous nor do they have fangs, yer them do have small teeth. These snakes are harmless and can even help with pest control based on their diet yet if there are many in your garden perhaps they may eat the good pests as well. Snake removal and prevention can be done in such a way where we are still assisting our ecosystem with humane efforts. Although there are sprays some can be dangerous for even humans to inhale. Natural remedies and changing up the landscape of your home can prove to be more simple than previously thought. Take a look at some tips and tricks we recommend for snake removal.


A professional snake removal will cost on average between $100-$200 service fee included. However, if these costs are too high there are many alternate courses of action to take with snake removal.


Garden snake removal can be achieved through natural methods, professionally or with products that you can buy. One such natural method can be to seal up the cracks around your home or in the patio or foundation. Such remedies could be with expandable caulking, tuckpointing or conducting other repairs. Products that can be used are granular formulas that can be sprinkled around the perimeter of the home (wear gloves.) You may also spruce up your landscaping to deter snakes. Removing debris & clutter is a great way to rid areas where they’d like to hide. What’s more, you can add more plants to your garden that are natural snake repellents such as marigold. Adding a fence can be useful as well provide to the aesthetic, adding gravel and pebbles makes travel difficult for snakes while adding dimension to the landscape.Snake removal from house doesn’t have to be inhumane and there are many types of natural remedies that can be taken in order to repel snakes away from your property.


When you’re looking for a way to repel snakes without causing harm, consider natural repellents! Essential oils as a spray without releasing toxic gases. Two oil to mix together are clove and cinnamon oils and should be a concentrated solution. Once you’ve determined the amount to produce spray it directly on the snake and it will go to the opposite direction of the spray. Another remedy you can incorporate is white vinegar. If you have a body of water a snake likes to frequent you can pour the vinegar around the borders of a pond or pool area. If you’re in need of a whole house water treatment service be sure to contact a local professional. How this works is a snakes skin absorbs liquids and slithering over vinegar will make it difficult. If you have a garden area that you would like to protect you can create a repellent mixture of garlic and rock salt and lay it around the perimeter of your compound. A garlic oil spray may also be used to spray around the area. An onion and garlic mixture may also be used as essentially snakes can’t stand the sulfonic acid smell in them. Ultimately, there are many natural ways for snake removal that can be incorporated around your home.

Marigold Field

Ways to Get Rid of Snakes Naturally

  • Add Gravel/Pebbles to Garden
  • Use Essential Oils
  • Fencing
  • Landscaping
  • Remove Their Food Source
  • Remove Tall Vegetation
  • Remove Debris & Clutter
  • Plant Snake Repellent Plants
  • Onions & Garlic
  • White Vinegar


Snakes, like any other animal, will naturally be deterred from their predators. These include raccoons, large birds, foxes, wild boars, coyotes, and mongooses.


If you’re in need of snake removal experts to assist you with snake removal from under house or other areas of your home rely on such avenues as humane wildlife removal that not only assists you with snake removal but does so in a way that conserves the environment. Snakes are an integral part of our ecosystem and to simply go straight for harming them does the environment more harm than good. By relying on humane societies you can expect that snakes are put back into areas that are the most beneficial for them and the area. If you have any questions as to what you can do when a snake has been infiltrating your home or gardens get in touch with a professional!

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