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Raccoon Hiding in Flower Bed

Wildlife Removal

Raccoon Removal

Raccoons have earned a reputation for being able to survive in just about any type of environment. What’s more, raccoons are a major nuisance, dumping trash cans, picking bloody fights with pets, and causing damage to garage doors, siding, and roofs. The Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control team provides non-lethal, humane raccoon control, raccoon removal service in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington, as well as North Texas. Keep in mind, raccoon removal should only be done by an expert. Raccoons are dangerous wildlife and can cause serious harm without notice or warning. Leave it to the pros. Raccoon removal and control is not a task you want to attempt.

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Raccoon Removal Dallas Fort Worth

With over 20 years of experience, Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control was started with the understanding that raccoons will forever be a part of north Texas, but they simply do not belong in our homes. If raccoons have moved on to your property, we can help.

Common Areas Raccoons Stay

Once inside, the warm, dry, secluded shelter provides raccoons protection from other wildlife and humans, making it a seemingly safe place to live. Through the entry holes in the roof, rain and snow will then enter. Inside of the attic, insulation and electrical wiring can be compromised. The accumulation of feces in and around the home can prove to result in serious health consequences as well. If you have a raccoon problem or do not want to experience a raccoon problem–you’ve just come to the right place.

Raccoons get their signature masks when they are just ten days old. While they are admired for their intelligence, their capability is also what makes raccoons so destructive when they decide to live in your home. Raccoons are a nocturnal species, capable of making a den in dry attics, chimneys, crawl spaces, and roof areas. DIYers, taken heed: it isn’t easy to tell healthy raccoons from those infected with rabies, making professional removal by Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control so important. Contact us today for raccoon removal. (817) 606-7607

Raccoon Hiding in Flower Bed
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