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Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control Snake Traps

Our amazing Snake Traps are perfect! They allow the snake to enter and are unable to escape. Plus the snake will stay in the trap until you come and release it into a safe place. Buy snake traps to get rid of your serpent problems the safe humane way.

One month bait supply, catches most sizes of snakes, easy to set up, durable coated wire frame construction, patented entry, no poison – safe for all pets.

Live Humane Multicatch Snake Trap
Snake lure included.

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Snake Lure
Snake lure is made fresh, formulated to mimic snakes natural food. It works great in most snake trapping applications. It is recommended to replace monthly.

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When it comes to dealing with unwelcome snakes, using snake traps can be a highly effective solution. These traps are specifically designed to lure and capture snakes, allowing you to safely remove them from your property without harming them.  Live traps allow you to capture the snake without harming it and then release it back into the wild. It’s important to use caution when handling and disposing of trapped snakes, as they can still be dangerous even when captured. Overall, snake traps can be a highly effective tool for managing snake populations on your property and keeping your family and pets safe.

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