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It’s swarm season in North Texas, which makes it the buzziest time of year! April and May are the peak months of swarm season, which is the time of the year when bee hives are overcrowded and, literally, covered in a mass swarm of buzzing bees. While bees are important for biodiversity and agricultural productivity, their presence in residential areas can cause concern for homeonwers. Let’s dive into the details encompassing bee swarm season in North Texas!

The Beginning of Swarm Season in North Texas

Around the time of March and April, bees are pinpointing the location of their hive. They shortly start the process of rapidly building fortifications as well as brood cells. Brood cells, which may differ in shape and size among various species of bees, refer to the comblike structures that house eggs, larvae, and/or pupae of bees.

Overpopulation During Swarm Season

The next stage of the swarm season is chracterized by growth of the bee colony. It can be startling to wake up one day and see a hive quickly growing outside the window. An expert at Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control, such as a Bee Removal Specialist, is well-equipped to safely and humanely relocate bee hives.

While worker bees protect the queen bee, the scout bees leave the colony in search of a new site for the next hive. They will return and communicate what they found via a waggle dance. Through the unique and complicated communication existing in the bee ecosystem, a location is agreed upon by the colony.

Remain or Stay – A Swarm Season Dilemma

In this stage, the colony splits. Half of the colony leaves to form a new colony at the agreed-upon location. Soon, the half that remained behind relocates to the new location, which is called absconding. Absconding is when all of the bees abandon the hive completely.

Swarm Season in North Texas Summarized

Swarming season spans from March to June. Due to expansive growth, you might see a large swarm of bees surrounding a hive outside your window. Depending on which phase of the swarming season, the bees could eventually be gone or might be there to stay. To ensure safety and peace of mind, our experts would be happy to assist you and protect your home.

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