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Copperhead snakes are a native species that can be found throughout North America, including Texas. Copperheads, with their venomous bite and distinct appearance, can be a source of concern for residents in areas where they are found. In this article, we will look at copperhead snakes in Texas, investigate their behavior, discuss safety precautions, and offer advice on how to deal with their presence on your property.

Texas distribution

Copperhead snakes (Agkistrodon contortrix) are common in Texas, particularly in the state’s eastern and central regions. They can be found in a wide range of habitats, including forests, woodlands, rocky areas, and near bodies of water. Their adaptability allows them to coexist with humans in suburban and rural settings, increasing the likelihood of encounters.

Characteristics and Identification

Copperhead snakes have distinct physical characteristics that aid in identification. They are typically 2 to 3 feet long and have a stout body. The broad head has a distinct copper-colored pattern that gives them their name. Their bodies are covered in a series of hourglass-shaped crossbands in reddish-brown, tan, or pinkish-gray. It is critical to become familiar with their appearance in order to distinguish them from non-venomous snake species.

Habitat and Behavior

Copperheads in Texas are primarily crepuscular, which means they are most active at night. During the day, they seek refuge in a variety of places, including rock piles, fallen logs, brush, and overgrown vegetation. These snakes are generally non-aggressive and would rather retreat than engage in a fight. However, extreme caution should be used to avoid startling or provoking them.

Precautions for Safety

When living in copperhead snake territory, it is critical to take the following precautions to reduce the risk of encounters or bites:

Wear protective clothing: If you are going to areas where copperheads may be present, it is recommended to wear approved snake boots, long pants, and gloves to reduce the chances of getting bitten.

Clearing your surroundings: Maintain your property on a regular basis by trimming grass, shrubs, and bushes. Remove any debris, rock piles, or wood piles that could serve as a haven for snakes.

Exercise caution when hiking or spending time in natural areas: When hiking or spending time in wooded or rocky areas, watch your step, especially when stepping over logs or rocks, as copperheads may be hiding beneath.

Educate children: Inform children about the potential dangers of snake encounters and instruct them not to handle or provoke them. Help them stay alert to their surroundings.

Copperhead Removal from Your Property

If you find a copperhead snake on your property and decide to remove it, the following steps should be taken:

Hire a professional: Hiring a licensed wildlife professional or snake removal expert is the safest and most dependable way to handle copperhead removal. They have the necessary skills and experience to capture and relocate the snake safely and without causing harm.

Do not try to remove a copperhead snake on your own: It is strongly advised against attempting to capture or kill a copperhead snake on your own. This can result in injuries or accidental bites, putting both you and the snake at risk.

Modify your property: To reduce snake entry points, take preventive measures such as sealing gaps and cracks in your home’s foundation, repairing torn screens, and securing gaps in fences.


Copperhead snakes are a natural part of the Texas ecosystem, and their presence should be recognized and respected. Although we can coexist with copperheads, we do not recommend allowing venomous snakes to live on your property. Make sure you become familiar with their characteristics, practice safety precautions, and seek professional assistance when necessary. Remember that prevention and education are essential for reducing the risks associated with copperhead snake encounters.

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