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As the temperature decreases in the DFW area, critters invade homes in cold weather to seek refuge. Unfortunately, this generates an array of issues for homeowners. In this post, we will look at these different types of creatures and how Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control can provide you expert humane exclusion services.

Rats and Mice

During the cold seasons, mice and rats are known for invading homes. Small mice are extremely flexible, and they may quickly make their way inside through gaps, crevices, and even open doors and windows. They build nests in walls and attics once inside. Mice and rats can contaminate food, gnaw on wires, and transmit diseases, making them undesirable houseguests.


While squirrels are commonly associated with nesting in trees, they also seek refuge inside homes throughout the winter. Because they provide insulation and protection from the elements, attics and crawl spaces are popular nesting locations. Squirrel activity inside dwellings can cause structural damage, noise, and electrical dangers due to gnawed wires.


Raccoons are expert climbers and invade homes via chimneys, attics, and roof vents. During the winter, they are drawn to the warmth and comfort of interior spaces. Raccoons are capable of pulling apart insulation and inflicting damage to roofs, walls, and ducting. Their presence might also be hazardous to one’s health. While raccoons are cute, they are one of many critters that invade homes in cold climates.


Bats are not a usual household nuisance, but they do occasionally enter homes during the winter. They often enter through attic, eaves, or vent openings. While bats serve an important part in the environment, they can transmit diseases such as rabies and their guano can be harmful to humans. It is necessary to safely exclude bats from your home in order to safeguard both the bats and your family.

Why Do Critters Invade Homes in Cold Seasons?

Wildlife enter homes during colder weather for two reasons:

  1. Temperature and Shelter: As the temperature drops in the winter, wildlife are drawn to the warmth and protection that homes provide. The controlled atmosphere indoors contrasts sharply with the harsh conditions outside.
  2. Food Scarcity: Many wildlife struggle to acquire food during the winter, leading them to seek shelter near potential food sources. Homes with easily accessible rubbish or food can be particularly enticing to these species.

Critter Exclusion and Prevention

  1. Seal Gaps, Cracks, and Openings: Inspect your home for gaps, cracks, and openings and seal them to keep critters out. Keep an eye out for vents, chimneys, and roof eaves. Fortunately, Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control has experts to do the meticulous work for you. We seal potential entry points with quality materials such as a wool, wire mesh, and strong sealants.
  2. Safeguard Food Sources: Because food attracts critters into your home, secure your trash inside a can or bin to prevent home invasions.
  3. Regular Inspections: Because early detection is beneficial, inspect your home on a regular basis for indicators of entry, including droppings, nests, or damage.
  4. Humane Removal: If you find any wildlife in your home, contact Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control. In addition to one-way doors to prevent initial entry, Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control also provides humane exclusion services and sanitation to ensure your home is safe and critter-free for the holidays.

Fall and winter not only bring chilly weather, but also a variety of critters. The first step in dealing with critters invading homes in cold weather is to understand which wildlife are most likely to seek sanctuary indoors and why they do so. Homeowners can enjoy a pleasant rest of their year by taking preventive steps and contacting Dallas Fort Worth Wildlife Control to utilize humane exclusion methods and prevent the spread of harmful diseases to you and your family this holiday season.

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